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With over three decades of experience in real estate, interior design, and client advocacy, I am dedicated to making your real estate journey in the Gulf area exceptional. Having lived in Florida for most of my life, I have a deep understanding of the region’s nuances, culture, and lifestyle, which I channel into finding the perfect property for my clients.

As a REALTOR and interior designer in Tampa, Saint Petersburg, and surrounding Gulf areas, I have helped clients buy, sell, invest, and remodel homes, ensuring their needs are met with precision and care. My approach is built on open communication and a commitment to client happiness, earning me 5-star ratings and lasting friendships.

I believe in the Gulf Life and its endless opportunities for beauty and adventure. Let’s work together to find your dream home and embrace the Gulf Life together.

Bonnie Kotz

Bonnie Kotz


Bonnie Kotz
6702 Gulf Blvd
Sunset Beach Fl